Cathy Donnelly
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I was born & raised outside of Philly...grew up in the 60's and early 70's...moved out of my parents' house when I was 19...moved right in with "that boy" (as my mother used to call him). 30 years and two months later, I moved out! Really, that's pretty much how it went. Jobs I have held: Food service worker, Record store employee, legal secretary (both in Philly and here), pill packer (in a factory in Norristown, Pa), book contents editor and copier, subscription filler, condo office assistant (phone call example..."my the bathroom....of the dogs"), Sports radio announcer, top 40 announcer, country music announcer, classic hits announcer, gospel music news announcer, rock n roll announcer, talk show host, mountain guide. Oh yeah, mom to 3 kids. Not a job, an adventure.

Mountain Guide Facts:
Hometown: Lafayette Hill, Pa
First concert that you attended: Jamie Brockett, or Michael Cooney, at the Main Point in Ardmore, Pa
Favorite dish: Spanokopita
Favorite TV show of all time: Star Trek (original or TNG)
Favorite current TV show: Lost
Favorite album of all time:  Close to the Edge, Yes

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