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Why You Should Never Fly Virgin Atlantic Airlines

The Last, and worst, day of my London vacation…. So we arrive at Heathrow terminal 4 after mistakenly travelling to terminal 1, 2, and 3. Our boarding pass didn’t say which terminal we should go to. Our flight was due to depart at 4:20, we arrived at 3:24.  The ticket agent immediately tore up our boarding passes and said we couldn’t board the flight since it was less than an hour before departure.  I said I hoped I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel on our final car ride home, and she replied, “Even if I could let you board your original flight I wouldn’t, now.  You should have known which terminal you were flying out of since it was on your ticket” (although she said, “tickeet”).  Not interested that we had very limited internet access and never really saw our “tickeet”. We were then shuffled off to another ticket agent whose name tag read merely “Di”. She told us there was no other way for us to get home except to pay a $500 ticket change fee.  I told her I had already paid such a change fee once, back in April, when the kid’s passport didn’t arrive in time. I’ll admit it, I began to cry, that’s when Di stated she did not want to take such abuse and called over some supervisor type. She had the same annoyed and unhelpful attitude. We were then shuffled off to another ticket agent.  I decided I would let my son handle this transaction since my emotional state was apparently annoying to the staff.  No dice, I was required to stand before this agent, to identfy myself and hand over my credit card.  She told us we would now be flying into JFK, not Newark. I asked about flying standby, to which she replied, “Don’t take your bad day out on me” and said there was no possibility of standby and the change would cost me $572.  By this time I was so upset I couldn’t really speak, and I didn’t catch her name.  I went to sit down on a baggage scale. At this point she tells my son to please not swear.  He actually hadn’t….This slip actually made me aware, on further reflection, that these agents were actually trying to generate an emotional reaction that would justify their bad behavior. Another staff member named Shawna saw me crying and, seeming quite concerned, asked if I was OK.  I explained my problem, she went over to the ticket counter, and never spoke to me again.  However she did strike up a conversation with a nearby sky cap, about 4 feet away from me, that both of them found extremely hilarious. Yes, the airlines are hurting.  They will only have a $2.5 billion profit this year (that’s all of them, not just Virgin, but still…)  What a way to ruin what was a great vacation.

06/10/2010 4:08AM
Why You Should Never Fly Virgin Atlantic Airlines
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06/22/2010 4:59AM
Rick Maloney
Cathy, you were destined for an unpleasant time. I doubt if it mattered WHAT airline you flew, this crap happens to all of 'em. My 18 yr old son always remembers & focuses on this stuff whenever we're recalling some event in his life & as I tell him, block THIS & just focus on the good times! Hey, that Sheryl Crow song you just played, "Summer Day", I think... damn, thought I'd somehow changed stations & was listening to some B. Spears-type. That's got to be the least enjoyable song from S. Crow I've ever heard, and I LIKE her!!! Regards, Rick
08/13/2011 12:35AM
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09/23/2013 12:42AM
Well why didn't they put the terminal on your ticket or should I say tickeet my family fly with virgin all the time but we live in Australia so we fly with a much more nicer branch virgin Australia they are so nice and helpful they don't careif you are late and certainly would not tear up our boarding pass that is just plain rude I hope you called them later and got up them for being so rude next time just fly with British airways
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