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We Need Full Time Refs! NOW! Or NFL Week 10

We Need Full Time Refs! NOW! Or NFL Week 10 Your dumbfounded prognosticator was last Sunday’s Eagles –Colts game and can safely say in 40 years of watching professional football I have never seen anything like that.  One bad call after another.  My favorite was a blown facemask on a vulnerable Shady McCoy where the defender had left his feet but was hanging on to Shady’s cage.  If I didn’t know better I would have thought Don King was promoting the game.  Oddly enough I don’t really blame the refs for blowing the Austin Collie hit.  Collie caught the bal and took two steps when he was knocked cold.  The play was ruled an incomplete pass and personal foul as Collie was ruled a defenseless receiver.  Actually he established possession and was a ball carrier.  A legal hit produced a fumble, but the refs didn’t call it that way.  Andy Reid was right, the refs and players and coaches are all learning on the fly.  It was the rest of the mindless calls that got me going. The league needs to do three things: 1) Shrink the rule book.  There are too many rules as replay has resulted in doubt and hairsplitting be the coin of the realm.  2) Kill the gimmicks.  Does Fox really need an ex VP of officiating to tell us what the refs should but won’t do?  CBS’s close up cam is pretty neat, but if the ca, is better than what the ref can see with the naked eye while on the run, how can a man call a good game? 3) Hire the refs full time.  It’s like the greatest game in America is run by permanent temps.  You wouldn’t run a factory like that in the long term, why run a league that way? Last week we went 2-3 which drops our season mark to 22-21-2 against the spread.  Let’s take a look at this week’s servings and see what looks good on our game time buffet.  Remember any losses from relying on the following information is not the responsibility of myself, the Mountain, Entercom Communications, Entercom Northeast, it’s properties or it’s subsidiaries.  Let’s check out some games: Cardinals (-3) over Seahawks.  Not a lot to get excited about until you read between the lines.  Those Seahawks play like the Sea Hag from Poppeye on the road.  At 1-9 ATS on grass and and an over all record of 17-35-1 ATS their last 53 on the road, that is ugly.  Not even Alice the Goon would take them.  Go Cardinals! Bills (-3) over Lions.  Stafford’s hurt again and the Bills can’t lose ‘em all, can they?  It’s a little more than just a hunch, November’s lake effect snow provides the backdrop for a place where Northeast dome teams go to die.  Bills here. Giants (-14) over Cowboys.  Congratulations to the Cowboys.  Not only did they get their coach fired early, they ran him out after 8 games.  I thought JJ would wait until week 15 to put Wade Phillips out of his misery.  The best line I’ve heard yet was from Frank Caliendo: “The Cowboys roster is like Hugh Hefner’s bedroom; a lot of talent going to waste.”  Too Bad T.O. isn’t in town any longer.  He might even give an interview wearing gravity boots while doing crunches.  Giants in a walk. Steelers (-4 ½) over Patriots.  This is the kind of game the Steelers always win, and the Patriots used to win.  Steelers Eagles (-3) over Redskins.  The Redskins can’t block, can’t run and can’t tackle.  Donnie Mac wishes he was banished to Oakland or Cleveland.  The redskins are 5-12-1 ATS their last 18 at home, while the road team is 6-1-1 ATS in the series.  Plus historically the team that loses the first game wins the second.  Michael Vick has a big game.  Fly Eagles Fly. Enjoy the ganes The Prognosticator

11/11/2010 10:26PM
We Need Full Time Refs! NOW! Or NFL Week 10
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