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And I have just the inexpensive way to do it!  I haven’t had dental insurance for years, so I was sorta putting off getting them cleaned and checked.  Well!

Last Tuesday I went to the Luzerne County Community College Dental Clinic, located in their Health Sciences Center right in the middle of Nanticoke.  They have a slew of dental hygiene students who are just dying to clean your teeth and give you a full set of xrays, all watched over by a certified instructor and a dentist.
My hygienist was Sara and she couldn’t have been nicer.  Yes, it takes a little longer because at each step the student then has to get the instructor over to examine her work and make sure it’s right.  OK maybe a lot longer but here’s the payoff…the whole thing costs $15!  I @#$% you not.
I arrived at 8:40 (for an 8:30 appointment but no one looked at me funny…well no funnier than usual).  The first thing they do is a long and lengthy conversation about your health, medications you’re on, things you’re allergic to, all that insurance crap.  Then the x-rays, which took maybe 45 minutes.  Then they probe your teeth; measuring them?  Something like that.  Then the actual cleaning; it had been so long I had never had the ultrasonic thingie, which I did not like.  They give you the usual bag o’ dental stuff, explaining what each thing is, and tell you to floss daily and brush twice a day.  I was out by 11:50.  But who cares, I would have stayed twice as long for the price!  I actually heard myself saying they should charge more.
One of the many great things about this is, they can’t afford to slack off because an instructor is looking over their shoulder every inch of the way.  And while I have never met an unpleasant hygienist, my girl Sarah was just adorable, competent, with a sure but gentle touch. (Wonder if she’s married, just kidding!!!)

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03/30/2013 9:58AM
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