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So after my gym in Dallas was sold to some guy last year, it changed its name to something that actually gave me pause at first.  Can’t mention the actual name.  However we were all told we had to renew our memberships and I simply couldn’t afford it.  I still can’t.
So I went in the other day to see if there was any kind of discount or payment plan I could get.  The guy wouldn’t even see me.  Wouldn’t even descend the six steps from his office to the front desk to meet me.   After that cold treatment, I decided I couldn’t possibly just hand over the membership fee, which is in excess of $425 (or even more if you pay a month at a time.  That’s called the Poor man’s Tax).
So now I’m asking YOU PEOPLE (yes, I just referred to you as YOU PEOPLE) to recommend a gym.  I live up behind the Back Mountain, in Beaumont, Pa, and that’s the tragedy, because that gym is only ten minutes from my house.  But I can’t go there, and actually reward them, you  know?
I’m looking in particular for lots of aerobics classes…that’s the stuff I love, especially step.  Zumba’s OK, and so is kickboxing, but step is my arch-favorite (hah, get it, arch favorite??!).   If you do post an answer give me a reason WHY that particular gym is great.

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03/06/2013 12:31PM
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03/11/2013 5:36PM
Penn State Wilkes Barre (in Lehman)
Cheap: $140/year for alumni and $220/year for non-alum (I think - if not exact, I'm close). It definitely won't be as nice as your old gym, but does have various cardio classes (no additional charge) and spinning (additional charge). Check it out, ignore the warts, and save a few bucks - it works for me.
04/30/2013 12:12PM
PSU Wilkes-Barre
I agree with the previous comment. PSU Wilkes-Barre has a nice facility and lots of fitness classes. Check it out:
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