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And now ladies and gentlemen, the grand Finale.  Four pictures into one!! An additional two or three that I just took little bits from, and the earlier Tongue Affliction picture.  Of course MY camera decides not to work at all, so one of the residents took these pictures, and most of them were blurry.  There was a lot of blend-testing,  and it was minimally effective, but it was mainly cutting, pasting, and blurring. First we start with the happiest resident ever.  It was a “Trip to New York” [props to Brenda at Bonham Nursing in Stillwater, she’s a pistol, and smart as a whip], and so this resident has BOTH a “feather in her cap” and an American Flag. Then there was the rest of the audience, which had to be attached to the happy resident. Then there was Sal, bless him, he even got up and danced but of course we didn’t get a picture of that!  But we did get him clappin’ along.  You’ll notice I flipped him. The worst and most time consuming part of this was making the colors match.  It’s surprising how some pictures come out all in yellows and some pictures are all in blues.  Cold and warm colors, don’tcha know. Layer levels can be adjusted, it makes a new layer and adjusts the hue, saturation, luminosity, and any other attribute you can think of.  This required a lot of playing around and now that I’m getting more advanced there isn’t a lot on the web to help me.  You’ll be surprised to hear, there are many minimally gifted people who randomly post YouTube videos telling you nothing you really want to know.  Besides, as one of my fellow students who is a graphic design MAJOR told me, tutorials are fine but you really don’t learn until you fool around with it.  What she didn’t say is I would waste HOURS and DAYS on it!  One of the files I saved was called “feets” because that one lady with the red-striped socks, her feet took literally HOURS to position properly.  And if you look close, they really aren’t.  I also spent a lot of time on that 60’s era floor, since the colors didn’t always match.  I found out the danger of cutting and pasting ad infinitum, because every time you paste something it creates a layer.  I think 35 layers is too many, but I was afraid to “flatten” them all because then they’d be lost.  Guess it depends on how left-brain of a thinker you are! The only thing I took from this picture, to the left,  was the copier or whatever it is on the right. The main thing that is different from the old way of doing things [mainly with an exacto-knife] is that you CAN adjust the colors, hue, saturation, luminosity, darkness, brightness, contrast to make pictures look like they were taken at the same time. And what, exactly, did I learn?  That there are many, many hours in the day that the  youth of our nation can fritter away on the Internet.  That if you think our politicians have more ways than ever to “spin” themselves and their actions, you are right.  That we are all children of advertising and therefore don’t believe everything we see, even if it looks really, really good.

08/17/2011 12:27PM
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