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Things I've Never Done etc....

Been to Disney World, Disneyland or Disney anything. Worn makeup (except in a play) Seen the Exorcist Been to Las Vegas Jumped out of an airplane (why would you?) Had Cable TV Been arrested (but I've been pulled over, like, a million times) Broken a bone Seen a movie (in a theater) alone Performed the Heimlich maneuver on anyone Knitted or crocheted Shot or even SEEN heroin Lived outside the US Eaten an oyster Been a bridesmaid or even been in a wedding (except to play & sing) Bungee jumped (again,why?) Gotten a tattoo Cleaned an oven No, this isn't a Bucket List.  I pretty much DON'T want to do any of these things, except maybe the Heimlich, definitely the tat,  and living abroad. Things I HAVE done that I think are pretty cool: Been to Singapore Written songs Gardened for 25 years Learned to speak French Birthed three people (and nursed 'em all) Taught college Bought my own house Learned to stay in the moment

02/13/2010 5:24PM
Things I've Never Done etc....
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03/08/2010 4:42PM
Joseph VR
I wrote a song and dedicated it to the memory of my sister in law Laura Blankley, who passed away last month at the age of 31. She suffered from brain surgery. See the video of the song: Angels Fly at: Thank You, Joseph VR
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