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I've been eating healthy for at least 25 years.  As soon as I started giving birth to people, I realized I needed to be much more responsible about my eating habits (and theirs, at least at first).  I cut waaay down on red meat.  I made all kinds of fabulous vegetarian meals for dinners each night.  I never put salt on anything.

When I moved up here to Northeastern Pennsylvania, I started really living the life.  100 ounces of water every day.  Plenty of leafy greens.  Actually, there's a guy (Dr. Dan Golaszewski, who has a show on our sister station, WILK, that I listen to religously. He has a mnemonic for the healthiest foods: GOMBBS, which stands for greens, onions, mushrooms, beans, something else starting with "b" that I can't remember, and seeds.  I eat almonds and steel cut oats.   Raw, local honey (I mean local, I could practically walk to their house), raw milk, free range eggs.  And it takes me, like, a month to get through a dozen eggs.  Only bake with gluten free flour, (mixed with a little whole grain spelt flour).  As most of you know who read this blog I grow tons of my own food.  Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, beets, sweet potatoes (that didn't work out so well), corn, peas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, onions, garlic, zucchini, butternet squash, pumpkin, melons, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, celery.  Even edamame, but this didn't work out too well either.  Anyhow, all this means I also eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  All organic, of course.

Using this strategy I managed to lose, like, 35 pounds year before last.  Well, now most of it is back, because I just stopped, you know, controlling my intake, so to speak.  But I still manage to eat mostly healthy stuff, tempeh, white meat chicken, and when I have to eat grains they are only whole grain.  Don't eat rice or pasta pretty much ever.  I even buy that Ezekiel bread that is made from sprouted grains.

I quit smoking 30 years ago.  I stopped drinking 32 years ago.

And what did I get for this virtuosity?  High blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

That's right, I'm just like everyone else.  Everyone else that's been drinking soda pop all their lives, and wolfing down Doritos, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets made of pink slime.  Not to imply that I never scarf down a bag o' chips, but it's rare. 

This is why I'm blaming my mother and her Irish family.  Poor genetic material.

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02/08/2013 5:00PM
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02/08/2013 5:37PM
It's all in vein.....
But,'s about how we feel...and I've been around you enough to know you love your lifestyle! And I love you. F8ck Gene, whoever he is!!!
02/17/2013 8:42AM
we all must goooo
Cathy, that is the plight of humanity. We have eeolved to the point where we are killing ourselves. A net surplus of calories ingested vs calories expended. No more running from lions and tigers and bears. now we just sit and watch...ah, yes, then take our meds :)
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