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Back in April the Women’s Resource Center located in Scranton sponsored their annual “Take Back the Night” march through downtown Scranton.  Creates a safe space for survivors of sexual assault, and is held on college campuses all over the country.   I was working on a documentary for my Video Production class so I filmed almost all of it.  We started out at the Covenant Presbyterian Church, marched down to the University of Scranton, where several hundred students joined us, then proceeded to Courthouse Square, all the while shouting “Scranton, unite! Take back the night!””
When everyone arrived at the square, a bunch of extremely attractive and talented kids sang a song about something, then the speeches began (as night fell).  Lucky for me this was a public place so I didn’t have to get anyone to sign those pesky permission forms.
 Patrick O’Malley, one of the Lackawanna County commissioners, spoke about his own sister who was a victim of domestic violence and subsequently lost her life.  It was quite powerful. Anna Faramelli of the Women's Resource Center encouraged people to speak out against violence, and urged us to take a stand against any statements, music and movies that glorify it.  We heard from April Loposky, who is the founder and director of another nonprofit called Marley’s Mission, which got its start when her 5-year-old-daughter was assaulted in her own bedroom by a stranger.  You could have heard a pin drop.  I guess she’s told the story so many times she doesn’t get emotional anymore, but geez, the rest of us did.
The documentary was part of a class project and as a result not much of the video I shot made it into the actual finished product.  But, not wanting Marywood University’s equipment (and my woman-hours) to go to waste,  I had the brilliant idea to edit it down and present it to the Womens Resource Center as a sort of thank-you for letting me film the whole thing.  They wanted three minutes; I gave ‘em six.  And yes, it’s months later, but it only took me a few hours to edit.

08/04/2012 11:56AM
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