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SURELY you’ve heard of it, it’s the only women’s shelter in Wilkes Barre or even Luzerne County.  They had an event in May, an open house, and I went there with my (well, Marywood’s) handy camera to film it since I was also interning in WYLN TV in Hazleton (Channel 35 over the air, Channel 7 on the cable) so I figured maybe they’d use my video.
It was a proclamation by the Luzerne County Council (remember, there’s no more Commissioners, just council members).  Elaine Maddon Curry showed up to read the proclamation and Acting Chair Jim Bobeck was there too.  The chairperson of their Board of Directors, Bill Bolan, made a very inspiring speech that I actually captured on tape while actually holding the camera steady (this was in my pre-tripod days).  I did miss the actual proclamation, but evidently Elaine Maddon Curry isn’t much of a pol because there was lots of talking going on while she was making it anyway.  (In other words she wasn’t interested in getting the attention of the room, just doing what she came there do to.  More power to her!)
WYLN did actually use my video (after some careful editing by one L.A. Tarone) and here’s the news story that ran that evening:
THEN it was time to make them a PSA.  I knew I needed some actual women who had benefitted from Ruth’s Place to talk about it on camera, and I also wanted to interview Kristen Topolsky, who is the very smart and hard-working director.  Luckily Kristen got the releases so I didn’t have that pain in the butt to deal with.  I interviewed one girl who had actually gone through Ruth’s Place and is now employed there.  I interviewed another lady who volunteers there through the Area Agency on Aging.  I think they pay her.  And I interviewed the only person (besides Kristen) who actually made it to the commercial, Stephanie.  A very personable, active person who did very well on camera.  The reason she, and Kristen, are talking off to the side is, that’s where I was sitting.  Not the best angle, I know.
I wanted an evergreen (meaning a PSA that doesn’t have any upcoming events, or dated information, so it could run forever).  After seeing the great speech he made at the proclamation event, I wanted Bill Bolan to do the voiceover.  My previous PSA’s were all done by professionals, since I do know a few, and I wanted this one to sound, you know, “natural.”  I like to think I succeeded. 
As for the graphics, I found out how to make them “glowy.”  Like it?  I do.

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07/30/2012 7:48AM
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