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Playoffs? Playoffs?

“Playoffs! Playoffs? You want to talk about Playoffs? Playoffs?”   Good ol’ Jim Mora.  Now there was après conference.  Be aware of the new overtime rule jut in time for the playoffs.  You think the tuck rule was mind numbingly inconvenient?  Now if the game goes to overtime,  it’s not so sudden death.  If the receiving team after the coin flip only kicks a field goal on the first possession the other team gets a possession.  However if the team that wins the coin toss scores a touchdown on their first possession the game is over.  There is the potential for all sorts of goofy stuff here.  Can you imagine Rex Ryan after the Jets kick a field goal attempting an on sides kick because if the Colts cough it up that’s their possession and the game is over.  If the Colts cheerleaders are dancing barefoot ol’ Rex just might have that sort of brain cramp.  It’s also a eek where all the talking heads get to concentrate on a few games and not many, so they can over think.  It makes for entertaining TV sometimes, but it can also make for annoying co workers who are looking for ammunition to pester you.  Let’s take a look at this weekes action.  Remember any losses incurred by relying on the following information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercomm Communications, Entercom Northeast, their properties or subsidiaries. Eagles (-2.5) over Packers.  The Packers are the Sexy pick.  The Eagles laid an Egg against the Vikings and then the second stringers gave up the ghost against the cowboys with :55 seconds left.  All of those talking heads picking Michael Vick as the MVP now have broken ankles from jumping off the bandwagon.  Aaron Rodgers ahs made everyone forget Brett Who? (pull your pants up, dude.)  Well looking at the history the Packers are 3-7 ATS their last 10 playoff games and that includes their Superbowl win.  The are also3-7 ATS their last 10 against Philadelphia (4t and 26 anyone?)  But the tell tale sign here is the money line.  Remember the spread is not a prediction of the game, it’s a prediction of how people bet.  The money line is what Vegas really thinks; and it reads Packers +125, Eagles-145.  That means wager $100 on the pack and you win $125, but you have to wager $145 on the Eagles to win $100.  Vegas likes Michael Vick, Me too, Ravens (-3) over Chiefs.  Yeah I really liked the chiefs to win the division.  I am not sure if they match-up well enough against the Ravens.  If you never saw Ray lLewis play in person its hard to explain the intensity he brings.  Even though he’s getting old, he is still ferocious and he still OWNS the middle of the field.  You can’t practice against it.   I’m not sure the Chiefs will match the intensity.  Oh, the money line? Ravens -170, Chiefs +150.  Ravens here. Colts (-3) over Jets.  The bottom line is the Jets need a big game from Mark Sanchez.  Not a huge game, just 5 more plays, 5 more throws.  The problem is Mark Sanchez hasn’t played well at all the past few weeks, at one point Rex Ryan (aka crazy head) openly talked about almost benching the quarterback,  Don’t buy the talk about the Jets being the more physical team.  I was at the Linc this year when the Colts were in town.  They are the dirtiest team in the league, bar none.  The money line also favors the Colts.  Me too, Saints (-11) over Seahwks.  Keep in mind if the ’85 Bears could lose a game anyone can.  Two eye openers here:  Of the seahwaks 9 losses all of them were by 15 points or more.  When they lose they get blown out.  That may be the craziest stat I’ve heard in a long time.  The Saints just so you know are 1-8 ATS against teams with losing records.  That may seem to balance things out.  Oh, but then there’s the money line.  Brace yourself: Saints – 600 Seahwaks +450.  That is wager $100 on Seattle and if they win you get $450.  But you have to wager $600 on the saints to win $100.  Rooting for the Saints is about as much fun as rooting for the Lions over the Christians in the coliseum.  Not much fun, but the inevitable winners. That’s how I see it.  Enjoy the games Your prognosticator

01/06/2011 11:25PM
Playoffs? Playoffs?
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