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Pics from the Garden

My tomatoes from the "Back forty".  This is a piece of ground right by the creek, so I always risk flooding...nothing this year, though. The soil is a lot less clay-y, and the tomatoes are doing...OK.  About 50 plants, there are lots of the paste kind for sauce, 8 or 10 beefsteak just for lunches during the summer, and I'm trying a new variety, Brandywine Red.  The first tomato was one of those, and it tasted pretty darn good. I started these pumpkins, squashes and melons pretty early but they didn't do well once they outgrew their pots...anyway they also didn't take well at all to being transplanted.  Next year I'm using those jiffy pots.  Hope to get SOMETHING, the large plant is a Big Max pumpkin (or Dill's Atlantic Giant, I can't remember which), the smaller one to the left is butternut squash.  I also have some melons... Look closely boys and girls, that may be the only melon I get.  it's a varitey called Minnesota Midget, developed for far nothern climes (which we seem to be in) and they are supposed to mature very rapidly.  Started these early, too.  Actually that particular melon isn't even big enough for me to determine whether it was fertilized. More pics next week!

07/18/2010 1:44PM
Pics from the Garden
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