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Oops, I laid an egg!

Not much to say after last week.  Normally when your prognosticator does well he pounds his chest and tells everyone.  Last week I laid an egg.  Going 0-4-1 is not much fun.  Many office pools consider a push (a.k.a a tie) to be a loss.  You’re thinking “thanks for nothing, guy.”    Bad weeks happen.  Being in the hole right from week one is not the best position, but we have 16 weeks and the playoffs to make up ground.  If you reach a 55% winning percentage you’ve broke even.  The season is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s not that bad…yet. A few thoughts about last week:  I was pleasantly surprised to see a touchdown overturned in Chicago.  The rule has been if you go to the ground with the ball you and come back up you have to have the ball.  Lion’s wideout Calvin Johnson had obvious control of the ball on the way down, and that had some people miffed.  Bob Costas said on NBC’s Football Night In America the league should reconsider the rule.  I think Costas has it wrong.  The Problem with the NFL is too many rules.  Those rules are brought about by instant replay, and commentators who aren’t exactly sure what went on.  The play is rerun a half dozen times at different angles and now you’re convinced they’re right.  As the cliché goes pictures don’t lie.  But commentators can persuade you into letting the pictures argue a wrong conclusion.  Johnson leaving the ball on the ground is no different than dropping the ball 3 inches before the goal line.  It’s a mental error.  If he stayed on the ground the score would have counted.  Next time hold on to the ball when you party in the end zone, Calvin. One more thing: the fanatics who think an 18 game season is a good idea should pay attention to the dreck that was passed off as games last weekend.  Instead of three to four weeks of pretty lousy stuff, you can count on 5-6 weeks of substandard product.  Alright, on to this weeks picks.  Remember any loses incurred by relying on the following information is not the responsibility of myself, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, its properties or its subsidiaries.  This is just for fun. Eagles (-5 1/2)  over the Lions.  Amazing! Kevin Kolb gets a concussion and Michael Vick is announced as the starter and the line moves 3 points.  Those Kelly jerseys looked sweet, didn’t they?  Just like when I was a kid.  Unfortunately they honored the uniform by playing like they did when I was a kid.  I was born after the 1960 team won the championship.  I lived through King Hill and Steve Arrington at quarterback.  Although now that I think about it, that should make the Kolb experiment seem like cake.  It can’t be any worse than Bobby Hoying, right?  And don’t get too comfortable watching Michael Vick, either.  The team didn’t trade a franchise quarterback, a once in a generation quarterback in Donovan McNabb and sign Kolb for an additional 12 million to give up after a half.  The irony here is McNabb was traded because the press gave up on Ol’ 5 and decided he couldn’t win it all.  The same press who a few years ago said the problem with the Eagles was they scored too quickly.  That idea is so dumb I became dumber from having heard it.  The old QB is gone, the new QB got his bell rung and now after one week there’s a quarterback controversy.  The Eagles are 6-2 Against The Spread when they play teams with losing records.  The Lions on the other hand are 3-7-2 ATS their last 12 against NFC foes.   Fly eagles Fly….take the birds. Packers (-13 1/2) over the Bills.  13 and the hook is a lot to lay, especially in week 2.  Already the TV Heads are saying the Bills have a shot at going winless.  They’re that bad.  You would have thought the team could recover since trading Doug Flutie.  Looking at the Buffalo trend of 13-2 ATS in week 2 over the past 15 years is hard to ignore.  Then again, Buffalo is called the “city of no illusions” for a reason.  Those same Bills are 5-11 ATS when playing teams with winning records.  The Packers are 8-1-1 ATS over their past 10 games, 7-1-1 ATS their last 9 on grass, and 8-3 ATS their last 11 in Green Bay in September.  Pass the Brots and buy the Pack Chiefs (-1 ½) over the Browns.  The Chiefs were 4 ½ point dogs against the mighty chargers last week and more than answered the call.  The Browns on the other hand were busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Tampa.  Jake Delhomme Del-blew it with two Del-interceptions in the second half.  It has to be a real drag to live in Cleveland and know your real team is in Baltimore, who’s real team is in Indianapolis.  The NFL makes strange bedfellows.  Those Chiefs are 11-1 ATS in weeks 2 and 14-5 ATS their last 19 in September.  Yummy!   Chiefs the play here. Saints (-5 ½) over the 49ers.  The Niners were the sexy pick to win the NFC West this year.  Hey why not? They are as bad as anyone else in that division.  7-9 may win it.  The Saints flat out have too much talent.  Besides, Reggie Bush handed back his Heisman this week.  Do you think he wants to make a statement? Saints in a walk Titans (-5) over the Steelers.  Year after year Jeff Fisher turns out a winner.  When Norman Braman owned the Eagles and fired Buddy Ryan he decided to let Fisher walk so he could keep Richie Kotite.  Those in Tennessee should send Braman flowers and 60 year old scotch for his birthday.  This is the kind  of game the Steelers grind out and keep close.  Of course that’s when Roethlisberger plays. And that’s not this week.  Titans. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Enjoy the games! The Prognosticator

09/15/2010 8:51PM
Oops, I laid an egg!
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