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NFL Week 5

NFL Week 5
A respectable 4-2 (10-12-1 overall)  last week; things are looking up!   The real refs came back, and blew just as many calls.  Recent events in Denver have shown us it’s not what you say, it’s how you look saying it.  And the real refs looked marvelous.  Actually they showed head and shoulders in one key area; they controlled the game! 
The reality is we owe those replacement refs some thanks.  They just wanted to help out.  If they didn’t offer their services we would have missed 3 week’s worth of games.  It wasn’t their fault the game was too fast for them.  How would they know?  The league knew, that’s why they had their own guy on the sidelines coaching the replacements.  That must have been a fin afternoon getting an earful from one head coach about how you’re letting the other team get away with murder.  In the second half you get to stand next to the other coach so he can tell you  those same calls have stolen he game from his team.  Every team has a “get back” coach.  His job is to walk up and down the sideline and tell the players to “get back” so they don’t wonder on to the field and draw a penalty ( the sideline is four feet wide to warn the coach and players they are getting close.  They look good on TV, too.)  I wouldn’t be surprised of some teams had a designated heckler, just to give that sideline ref grief.  Then again, that would be like telling the guy who comes in once a month from the corporate office that the company policies are crazy.  You may be right, but don’t count on that promotion.
Order seems to have been restored, so let us rejoice in it.  Let’s look at some games.  Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or its subsidiaries. 
STEELERS(-3  1/2) over Eagles.  Those eagles haven’t won in the Steel City since 2000.  Kordell Stewart was the QB, and those Steelers jumped out to a 23-13 lead with 3:49 left to play.  Ol’ Donny “Soup” McNabb engineered a 3 play touchdown drive that ate all of 57 seconds.  Following an onsides kick, the Eagles masterfully marched 49 yards down the field to kick a game tying field goal as the clock drained to zeros.  Then the Eagles were rude enough to win the coin toss in overtime, and kick a game winning field goal.  The Steelers never saw the ball again after taking a 10 point lead.  The stuff coaches dream about.   I think the difference in this game injured Eagles tackle Jason Peters.  It’s a Steelers week
Packers (-7) over COLTS.  The Packers have had their issues, mostly bad calls.  The Colts are rebuilding.  In the end the Packers will make the playoffs, and the Colts will have another top 5 draft pick. Over tha pst two years the Colts have been horrible at home against the spread, covering only 5 of their last 16. Packers
GIANTS (-9 1/2) over Browns.  Okay, so Lawrence Tynes misses a 54 yard field goal and the Browns move from 13 point dogs to 9 ½ on the road?  It’s Sunday, can I take it twice?  G-Men!
Texans (-9) Against JETS.  This line opened with the jets as 1 point FAVORITES against the Texans.  Now they’re 9 point Dogs?  Follow the money….old Texas oil money.   Texans
PATRIOTS  (6 ½) over Broncos.  I guess the Payton Manning hangover from opening day hasn’t gone away yet.  Remember how the Colts had such a hard time with the Pats in the playoffs?  Those Colt teams were better than this Bronco team.  Pats
Falcons (-3) Over REDSKINS.  It’s a good news/bad news thing:  The Good news?  RGIII had his first 4th quarter comeback of his promising NFL career.  The bad news ? It was against the Panthers. The good news?  RGIII is the truth.   The bad news?  It’s the other 46 guys on the roster I wonder about.  The good news?  Next year the Redskins will find a decent running back and they’ll make the playoffs.    He bad news?  It’s this year.  Falcons
That’s how I see it, enjoy the games

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10/05/2012 3:38PM
NFL Week 5
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