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NFL Week 4

NFL Week 4
As USA TODAY wrote, “Middle aged men in stripes never looked so good.”  At last control will come to the game, and not a moment too soon!  My biggest fear was in all the after play skirmishes that someone was going to get hurt, like season or career ending and some teams season was going to swirl down the bowl.  The public perception of the “blown call” at the end of the Seahawks-Packers tilt Monday night was only the tip of the iceberg.  Its not so much they got the call wrong, they looked incompetent while making the call.  Let’s break the play down:
Russell Wilson is in the backfield running for his life trying to buy time to make the throw.  In the end zone a free for all begins as players vie for position.  It’s a situation like an NBA rebound; the refs are willing to let the players “bang.”  They don’t call the fouls.  They just don’t.  Go back to any NBA finals when Shaquille O’Neil was playing and count how many flagrant elbows to the jaw weren’t called.  Sure, Golden Tate’s obvious push in the back was beyond reasonable, but I’ve seen that sort of thing not called on that play before.   M.D. Jennings and Tate came down with the ball at the same time.   Just like baseball where time goes to the runner, a tie in possession goes to the offense.  Now watch Tate and Jennings come down; Jennings was on top, he began to roll, came to a stop and regrouped with his arm firmly over the top of the football.  That’s what the nation saw.  From that angle it looks like an interception. 
However, where I studied physics we were taught things in motion stay in motion unless stopped by an outside force.  If Jennings intercepted the ball cleanly he would have held on to it as he rolled off from Tate, Stood up, shown the ball to the world and most likely spiked it 6 inches away from Tate’s ear while shouting something unprintable.  He didn’t.  Watch the roll.  It suggests Tate had a firm grasp.  Unfortunately Tate’s arm is between Jennings and the ball.  You can’t see it.  But Jennings actions reinforce that Tate had at least equal possession. 
Here’s where things got really fouled up: One official signaled touchdown while the other signaled touchback (interception).  They should have conferenced together and then made call.  Both of them new the play would be reviewed.  Then after the review the official did a poor job of explaining the rule.  Add to it ESPN was unable to produce a camera angle that supports Tate’s possession and Jon Gruden’s knee jerk disgust, and it looks like the Packers were robbed.  I’m just saying there’s not enough evidence to say they got the call wrong.  I am saying their indecisiveness gave no reason for anyone to have faith they got the call right.  Just in case You’re a Packer fan who thinks you were robbed Just remember “9 sacks.”
Thanks to the Monday night debacle we went 2-3 last week bring our season total to 6-10-1.  Let’s see how this week will fare.  Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or it’s  subsidiaries. 
49ers (-4) over JETS.  Barring a bad performance like the Packers had in the playoffs last year, the 49ers will be in the NFC Championship game.  The Jets will be playing golf and wondering why the brought in Tebow if he wasn’t going to play, and what would have been had Revis not been hurt.  San Francisco is clearly the better team, even with the disadvantage of being a west coast team playing a 1pm east coast game.  49ers.
CARDINALS (-5 ½) over Dolphins.  The defense really is that good.  It’s in the Cards.
Patriots (-3 ½) over BILLS.  Lets be serious.  We’re talking Chan Gailey.  Pats get back on track this week.
BUCCANEERS (-1 ½) over Redskins.  This is where the RGIII hangover ends.  They’re knocknamed the “Bucs” for a reason.
EAGLES (-1) over Giants.   Last week was a typical eagle trap.  A road trip to the desert after a hard game, and the week  before the playing Giants.  They almost never do well.  It’s the classic NFL trap game.  In past years the eagles would jump out to a big lead and blow it.  This year the defense is good enough to hold.  Eagles
Bears (-3 ½) over COWBOYS.  Blues Traveler sang “the hook brings you back.”  That half point is known as the hook, because people tend to ignore it.  I think the Cowboys win, just not by more than a field goal.  Da Bears
That’s how I see it, enjoy the games

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09/28/2012 3:35PM
NFL Week 4
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