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NFL Week 3

Hold your nose, we’ll try again. 2-7-1 against the spread is no way to start the season for anyone.   There is usually some volatile action the first few weeks until teams settle into their roles.  And then there are those times when dumb things happen.  Take Philadelphia.  They won the game with 5:17 left.  Unfortunately Detroit insisted they play the final 5:17 and the Eagles almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Quentin Mikaell and Asante Samual can’t look like they never played together before all season, can they? Then there was the end of the Redskin-Texan game.  I wasn’t sure anyone wanted to win that one.  Brett Favre is looking old.  One innovation I like this year is the enlarge section CBS uses on replay.  It’s a nice use of technology.  Fox’s use of an ex referee to explain controversial calls while they are being reviewed seems counter-productive.  It doesn’t help when the refs don’t seem to agree with the expert.  If I didn’t know better I’d say that guy is the same guy who writes the legal speak you get from your credit card company from time to time. There are five games I like this week.  Feel free to pick against me in your pool.  It may have been a good strategy over the past two weeks.  Remember any losses incurred from relying on this information (why would you after I can’t pick anything close to a winner) is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or its subsidiaries.  Here we go: Eagles (-3) over Jacksonville. Vick is the starter, and Stuart Bradley starts (whether he knows his name or not).  Jax is 7-23 ATS their last 31 games.  Need I say more?  Fly Eagles Fly…. Titans (+3) over Giants.  The Giants won a dramatic Superbowl 2 years ago with a dominating defensive front four. Now they have more holes than a county commissioner’s explanation.  The Giants have no business being a favorite after last weeks clueless performance.  Giants are 3-10 ATS their last 13.  Chiefs (+1) over  49ers.  What did you see last Monday night to make you think The 49ers are turning things around?  The Chiefs are not only 2 and 0 but they covered both weeks.  Three’s the charm.  Chiefs here. Steelers (-2 ½) over Buccaneers.  Twice I bet against Pittsburgh and twice I lost.  I’m not making that mistake again.  The Bucs are 2-12 ATS their last 12 at home.  Ugly wins count the same as pretty ones.  Steelers will have three of them when the sun sets Sunday. Redskins (-4) over the Rams.  This is one of those games the Redskins win so the haters in Philadelphia can call sports radio and gripe about the McNabb trade.  The Rams are better than ’09 but not good enough.  The Rams are 9-21 their last 30 at home.  There we are.  Enjoy your Sunday! The Prognosticator

09/22/2010 8:47PM
NFL Week 3
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