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More Bounty from the Garden, aren't you jealous

The most delicious raspberries ever known to man.  I put them in two years ago.  Got about a dozen last year about 2 quarts.  I also have tons of wild black raspberries all over the place, made lots of jam, pies, etc.  And just this year I discovered the Mother Lode of blackberries, these wild berries have been left to their own devices who knows HOW long and are huge. Here's my lima beans, and a shot of the expensive solar-powered electric fence that doesn't keep anything out.  That equipment to the left is the solar panel that keeps it charged, and it sure shocks ME if I touch it. Not so much the groundhogs or deer.  I have gotten out the Havaheart trap for the groundhogs.  The deer will just have to wait until hunting season to die! And here boys & girls, are the branches from actual trees that I cut while trimming the property last fall.  However we try to save EVERYTHING and now they're the trellis for the King of the Garden limas.   Just my way of keepin' it green!..and saving dough.

07/28/2010 6:24PM
More Bounty from the Garden, aren't you jealous
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10/02/2011 10:57PM
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