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I felt it necessary to try & get Nonprofits from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania; that’s why I went to H.A.N.D.S. of Wyoming County (which stands for Helping Area needs for Diverse (Early Care and Education) Services. It’s part of the Wyoming County Family Resource Center, which I didn’t know at first.  Mainly they provide training for early childhood educators, they have a nifty toy-lending library for parents and teachers, and they have lots of programs like story time every Friday at 9:30 am for the little ones, a Preparation for Kindergarten, and a “Parents as Teachers” program that provides home visits, access to screenings (like vision, hearing, & developmental), and group meetings for parents and children.
I took a course in Educational Psychology this summer (not recommended if you’re NOT an education major, which I’m not, I’m majoring in Communications, duh!) and therefore have learned how UTTERLY VITAL the first five years of life are.  This is the point of H.A.N.D.S. and the Wyoming County Family Resource Center, and some parents just aren’t aware of the importance of say, reading to your children.  H.A.N.D.S. does get some subsidies from the govt but there are a lot of gaps and they’re always looking for donations.
The first thing I did was interview the director, Annette.  She’s a librarian type of person, kind of shy and retiring but still passionate about her non profit
I wanted to film some children being, you know, early childhood educated, so they invited me back to the Friday morning story hour.  They have sixth graders come over from the middle school, which is about half a block away, to help.  These kids do posters and other things to help them teach the little ones the books they’ve chosen.  So this time three quite adorable girls came over, with their tri-fold posters.  I took some video of their posters, and kind of intereviewed them about how the reading-to-the-little-kids-program works.
Then it was time for the little kids and their parents to show up.  Exactly two kids came.  The girls didn’t really get to use their posters or teaching skills, they did spend a little time playing with the first kid to show up, and then during actual reading time it was just the lady you see in the video reading to the two kids.  It was very cute anyway, and I used as much of it as I could.  However, again with the no tripod, I balanced the camera on a bookcase and that had to do.
This one was hard because the concept that the nonprofit is based on wasn’t easy to communicate in just a few sentences, and it was difficult to package what we wanted the public to DO after watching the PSA.  They need public awareness as much or more than they need donations, but I wanted to push both agendas in thirty seconds.  Hard to do.  To be honest I wasn’t really happy with this one at all, since the point of the spot wasn’t really clear (and repetitive).  I would like to blame the nonprofit’s own marketing practices but, they are doing everything they can, so I can’t.
By the way, there's a Day Care in the same town connected with the Family Resource Center, so I went over there to see if I could film. No dice! None of the kids had been "release form"ed and they wouldn't even let me in the door. At H.A.N.D.S. everybody's already signed up. Stupid forms.

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07/17/2012 10:51PM
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