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Hey folks!  I grew some garlic—planted it last October, dug it up this week—and I took some pictures of it hanging up to dry, to show you.  Then I got an idea, a terrible, awful idea.  And here it is.  How did I do this evil deed, you may ask? Simple.  I photoshopped the heads onto…the heads!!!  And yes, “photoshop” is a verb.  I tried the “clone stamp tool” since I figured that’s how you would copy something and paste it onto something else.  Not so.  I finally gave up after literally HOURS of trying to figure it out and put “how to photoshop someone into a picture” into the search engine, and voila!!  Youtube has a tutorial on every thing a human being can do, including this.  The nice sounding young man taught me how to copy and paste, resizing the photos as you go, and it couldn’t be simpler.  First you take the “lasso” tool and cut the thing out you want to put somewhere.  Then it will acquire what my professor calls the “marching ants” around just that part of the image you’ve drawn around.  Hit edit, then copy, and go to the garlic picture, and hit paste!  If it doesn’t fit, resize the original image, under “image size” and paste again. Stupid Dan had red-eye in his picture, because no picture exists of him taken anywhere else but a bar.  So THAT was another hour, because despite the fact that my version of photoshop, CS2, is supposed to have a “red eye tool”, it doesn’t.  Or, at least I couldn’t find it.  So I gave up and found another picture of him.  Notice how he’s kind of transparent while the rest of us are solid.  I used the “polygonal” lasso tool on him, and the regular lasso tool on all the rest.  Hm. Why is my head the biggest?  Because it’s my picture.  I call it "GarlicGuideHeads".

08/03/2011 6:59PM
Lookit What I Did
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