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Beatles for sale

Its finally happened... You can now purchase the music of The Beatles on Itunes. Years ago, when I first began using an mp3 player, I used a very small simple player. I could drag and drop files onto it from my computer, and easy as that, I was good to go. Itunes was to confining. I didn't want anything to do with it. That's what I told myself. Then I took the plunge. An Ipod Classic. 80 gigabytes of my most obscure music, old radio shows from the "golden age of radio" and even movies. I was hooked. Couldn't go anywhere without it. I even carried it with me inside the Mountain cabin! And all of a sudden Itunes was the greatest thing since sliced bread! So easy to organize! I came to the game late, but, I'm trying to keep up with the technology as best I can. Last month I picked up a new Ipod touch (a measly 32 gigs). Apps, email, music movies. Amazing. Say what you will - Apple knows how to push our buttons and adding the most successful band to your stable will sell more Ipods and bring more customers to the Itunes store.

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11/16/2010 1:52PM
Beatles for sale
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