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Learning New Technology

I’m taking a Media Technology class this summer, and my Final project is to learn Photoshop. Perfect for a woman of my…talents (and by talents I mean age}.  I had a mini-whirlwind introduction from the professor teaching the course…stupidly, I chose something he is GREAT at.  Memo to self…next time choose something he knows nothing about! Anyway YOU, dear reader, are going to learn along with me.  So here we go.  To the left of the actual working area is the TOOLBAR, this is your God.  Lookit all the stuff you can do!  OK, so I don't know what half of it means.  But I like the sound of "blur", "spot healing" and "slice."  Sounds more like plastic surgery!  I actually photoshopped this image--the words in that turquoise color are the ones I put in there.  I tried to make the words black but gave up out of annoyance.  I feel that this will happen often during my learning experience.  The tool thingies with no word next to them, means I really didn't understand what it does so I left it blank. Now here’s the first picture I’m gonna mess with.  Yes, yes, I know, never take a picture with someone 30 years younger than yourself.  Oh well.  First thing to do is get that neck taken care of.  Which tool, blur, stamp, spot healing?  Tried the clone stamp tool…that’s supposed to take something from somewhere else, copy it, and put it where you tell it to.  Didn’t work, neck still awful.  This is gonna take a long, long time.  I’ll post the results in ten years when I figure this thing out. By the way his name is Shane and he can really shred on guitar!  Come see us, Sept 18, it’ll be a Rock Mass at Gate of Heaven church in Dallas.  And staytooned for the new, improved pic, once I get finished with it!

07/29/2011 11:18AM
Learning New Technology
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