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Last Days in London

Sorry this took so long but my computer suddenly decided not to download pictures.  So I'm using the one in the Mountain cabin. Here's CJ and one million other tourists in front of the British Museum.  It was awesome but we didn't get there until, like, 2pm and they close at 5:30, which is not nearly enough time.  He's the one standing in between the pillars, in front of the steps, with that stupid Old Man hat on.  The British Museum really is a must-see, if only for that alone.  But I still wish we had taken the tube to St. John's Wood to see the crosswalk. These people have pitched TENTS and live in them opposite Parliament to protest taxation.  And you thought the Tea Partiers were crazy! We decided to go to Greenwich on the last day so we could stand on the Prime Meridian.  0', 0", you know.  Kinda cool.  Took a "Thames clipper" which is part of the public transit system, and even faster than the tube.  Took the tube back, and didn't make it to Heathrow until 55 minutes before our flight left.  THAT story next....

05/26/2010 2:06PM
Last Days in London
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