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Yes, it's ghetto. I'm not an engineer. It's a hot box.  Supposedly I will be able to plant spinach, broccoli, and other cold weather vegetables and grow 'em even when the rest of the ground is frozen. I trash picked both windows.  The wood is that pressed stuff, I have no idea how long it's going to last.  A while, I hope, since this took me a whole day to build.  I had also never used a circular saw...that turned out to be the easiest part!  The hardest part?  Digging the holes to put the wood in. I only posted it up here because I realized it is the first thing I have ever built entirely by myself. Impressed?  You should be.  You'll be even more impressed when I'm eating spinach I grew myself in FEBRUARY!!!

12/05/2010 3:58PM
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12/06/2010 7:03AM
carla turner
Ms. Donnolley I am a listener of 102 the Mountain, at least 5 days a week for accumlative of 3 hours. I drive a school bus, so I listen in the early morning. WHAT I DON"T UNDERSTAND IS WHY YOU DO NOT USE THE SINGER/BANDS actual name. THEY EARNED IT AND DESERVE IT. My grandson was listening with me one morning and heard a song by the Doobie Bros. He then went on line and googled their name to see what else they wrote...couldn't find "THE DOOBS" on google. Also "THE EAGS" (eagles) and "JIMMY BOOFET" to mention a few. Is it a case of laziness, trying to be cool, I really don't know, but EVERYTIME you do I change the station.... They have names and they SHOULD be used in full : 1) so their name can be googles properly if need be and 2) THEY EARNED IT!! an aggrevated listener carla
12/18/2010 9:38PM
Father Shenanigan O'Flannigan
i just saw the "hot box" what you builded . . . i hope it works even in this deep freeze weather . . . just a thought; plant parsely . . it grows in winter even through snow. . . so i've been told . . . i haven't planted anything in years so what do "i" know? ha! :)
01/10/2011 9:14PM
Hey Cath-O! Interesting structure you built there. (What's the difference between a hot box and a cold frame, anyways?) You oughta try planting kohlrabi - I've had absolutely no luck at all with it. They're tasty. If you can stand to be outside planting in this frigid weather, you're made of much tougher stuff than I! Anyway, I know I missed it by a couple of days, but I hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and will have a very cool year! Notice that you got snow on your b-day AGAIN! (You know - one of the words I've got to type to get this posted is FAHRTE; what kind of word is that - did you make it up?)
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