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Me and the 20-year old.  Arrived at our first destination, a charming medieval village called Lacock (pronouced Lay-cock), with an abbey originally built in the 1300's.  About an hour from Stonehenge, which, as one poster said, is a bunch of rocks in a field.  Sorry...I didn't get a vibe at all.  Maybe it was the fact that there were, like, a million tourists and highway on both sides.  Maybe it disrupts the electro magnetism. 2 nights there, then Cardiff.  Yes, we went because they film Dr. Who there.  Wanna make something of it?  Yes we toured the tiny little Dr. Who Exhibit which costs 6.50 pounds (like, 9 bucks) each.  Yes, we spent an obscene amount of money at the gift shop. But Cardiff was a great city, reminded me of Scranton since it's no-frills, except for Cardiff Bay, and very working class.  Wish we had more time there! First person to identify who (or what) I'm shaking hands with gets a free Cathy Donnelly CD!! London's next!

05/11/2010 5:44PM
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05/15/2010 9:06AM
tom carlin
Greeting, Cath. Met @ Donna/Danny G's home, Spangenburg. Question : are you aware if the new Stones' 'Exile' record is a complete re-mix, or a touch-up? Yet enjoy listening to you. Goog health. Peace - TC
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