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NFL Week 5

NFL Week 5
A respectable 4-2 (10-12-1 overall)  last week; things are looking up!   The real refs came back, and blew just as many calls.  Recent events in Denver have shown us it’s not what you say, it’s how you look saying it.  And the real refs looked marvelous.  Actually they showed head and shoulders in one key area; they controlled the game! 
The reality is we owe those replacement refs some thanks.  They just wanted to help out.  If they didn’t offer their services we would have missed 3 week’s worth of games.  It wasn’t their fault the game was too fast for them.  How would they know?  The league knew, that’s why they had their own guy on the sidelines coaching the replacements.  That must have been a fin afternoon getting an earful from one head coach about how you’re letting the other team get away with murder.  In the second half you get to stand next to the other coach so he can tell you  those same calls have stolen he game from his team.  Every team has a “get back” coach.  His job is to walk up and down the sideline and tell the players to “get back” so they don’t wonder on to the field and draw a penalty ( the sideline is four feet wide to warn the coach and players they are getting close.  They look good on TV, too.)  I wouldn’t be surprised of some teams had a designated heckler, just to give that sideline ref grief.  Then again, that would be like telling the guy who comes in once a month from the corporate office that the company policies are crazy.  You may be right, but don’t count on that promotion.
Order seems to have been restored, so let us rejoice in it.  Let’s look at some games.  Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or its subsidiaries. 
STEELERS(-3  1/2) over Eagles.  Those eagles haven’t won in the Steel City since 2000.  Kordell Stewart was the QB, and those Steelers jumped out to a 23-13 lead with 3:49 left to play.  Ol’ Donny “Soup” McNabb engineered a 3 play touchdown drive that ate all of 57 seconds.  Following an onsides kick, the Eagles masterfully marched 49 yards down the field to kick a game tying field goal as the clock drained to zeros.  Then the Eagles were rude enough to win the coin toss in overtime, and kick a game winning field goal.  The Steelers never saw the ball again after taking a 10 point lead.  The stuff coaches dream about.   I think the difference in this game injured Eagles tackle Jason Peters.  It’s a Steelers week
Packers (-7) over COLTS.  The Packers have had their issues, mostly bad calls.  The Colts are rebuilding.  In the end the Packers will make the playoffs, and the Colts will have another top 5 draft pick. Over tha pst two years the Colts have been horrible at home against the spread, covering only 5 of their last 16. Packers
GIANTS (-9 1/2) over Browns.  Okay, so Lawrence Tynes misses a 54 yard field goal and the Browns move from 13 point dogs to 9 ½ on the road?  It’s Sunday, can I take it twice?  G-Men!
Texans (-9) Against JETS.  This line opened with the jets as 1 point FAVORITES against the Texans.  Now they’re 9 point Dogs?  Follow the money….old Texas oil money.   Texans
PATRIOTS  (6 ½) over Broncos.  I guess the Payton Manning hangover from opening day hasn’t gone away yet.  Remember how the Colts had such a hard time with the Pats in the playoffs?  Those Colt teams were better than this Bronco team.  Pats
Falcons (-3) Over REDSKINS.  It’s a good news/bad news thing:  The Good news?  RGIII had his first 4th quarter comeback of his promising NFL career.  The bad news ? It was against the Panthers. The good news?  RGIII is the truth.   The bad news?  It’s the other 46 guys on the roster I wonder about.  The good news?  Next year the Redskins will find a decent running back and they’ll make the playoffs.    He bad news?  It’s this year.  Falcons
That’s how I see it, enjoy the games
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NFL Week 4

NFL Week 4
As USA TODAY wrote, “Middle aged men in stripes never looked so good.”  At last control will come to the game, and not a moment too soon!  My biggest fear was in all the after play skirmishes that someone was going to get hurt, like season or career ending and some teams season was going to swirl down the bowl.  The public perception of the “blown call” at the end of the Seahawks-Packers tilt Monday night was only the tip of the iceberg.  Its not so much they got the call wrong, they looked incompetent while making the call.  Let’s break the play down:
Russell Wilson is in the backfield running for his life trying to buy time to make the throw.  In the end zone a free for all begins as players vie for position.  It’s a situation like an NBA rebound; the refs are willing to let the players “bang.”  They don’t call the fouls.  They just don’t.  Go back to any NBA finals when Shaquille O’Neil was playing and count how many flagrant elbows to the jaw weren’t called.  Sure, Golden Tate’s obvious push in the back was beyond reasonable, but I’ve seen that sort of thing not called on that play before.   M.D. Jennings and Tate came down with the ball at the same time.   Just like baseball where time goes to the runner, a tie in possession goes to the offense.  Now watch Tate and Jennings come down; Jennings was on top, he began to roll, came to a stop and regrouped with his arm firmly over the top of the football.  That’s what the nation saw.  From that angle it looks like an interception. 
However, where I studied physics we were taught things in motion stay in motion unless stopped by an outside force.  If Jennings intercepted the ball cleanly he would have held on to it as he rolled off from Tate, Stood up, shown the ball to the world and most likely spiked it 6 inches away from Tate’s ear while shouting something unprintable.  He didn’t.  Watch the roll.  It suggests Tate had a firm grasp.  Unfortunately Tate’s arm is between Jennings and the ball.  You can’t see it.  But Jennings actions reinforce that Tate had at least equal possession. 
Here’s where things got really fouled up: One official signaled touchdown while the other signaled touchback (interception).  They should have conferenced together and then made call.  Both of them new the play would be reviewed.  Then after the review the official did a poor job of explaining the rule.  Add to it ESPN was unable to produce a camera angle that supports Tate’s possession and Jon Gruden’s knee jerk disgust, and it looks like the Packers were robbed.  I’m just saying there’s not enough evidence to say they got the call wrong.  I am saying their indecisiveness gave no reason for anyone to have faith they got the call right.  Just in case You’re a Packer fan who thinks you were robbed Just remember “9 sacks.”
Thanks to the Monday night debacle we went 2-3 last week bring our season total to 6-10-1.  Let’s see how this week will fare.  Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or it’s  subsidiaries. 
49ers (-4) over JETS.  Barring a bad performance like the Packers had in the playoffs last year, the 49ers will be in the NFC Championship game.  The Jets will be playing golf and wondering why the brought in Tebow if he wasn’t going to play, and what would have been had Revis not been hurt.  San Francisco is clearly the better team, even with the disadvantage of being a west coast team playing a 1pm east coast game.  49ers.
CARDINALS (-5 ½) over Dolphins.  The defense really is that good.  It’s in the Cards.
Patriots (-3 ½) over BILLS.  Lets be serious.  We’re talking Chan Gailey.  Pats get back on track this week.
BUCCANEERS (-1 ½) over Redskins.  This is where the RGIII hangover ends.  They’re knocknamed the “Bucs” for a reason.
EAGLES (-1) over Giants.   Last week was a typical eagle trap.  A road trip to the desert after a hard game, and the week  before the playing Giants.  They almost never do well.  It’s the classic NFL trap game.  In past years the eagles would jump out to a big lead and blow it.  This year the defense is good enough to hold.  Eagles
Bears (-3 ½) over COWBOYS.  Blues Traveler sang “the hook brings you back.”  That half point is known as the hook, because people tend to ignore it.  I think the Cowboys win, just not by more than a field goal.  Da Bears
That’s how I see it, enjoy the games
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NFL Week 3

NFL Week 3
Well, the only thing missing from last week’s predictions was a toilet flush at the end of the sheet.  1-5-1 (4-7-1 on the year) is a pretty bleak afternoon!  In fact the only thing bleaker that 1-5-1 is facing another week with replacement refs.  The new kids on the block are making a travesty to the Sunday past time.  Sure the real refs missed some calls.  But the calls the real refs made were usually right, and they kept control of the game.  These new refs sometimes don’t even make calls. Twice during the Eagles-Ravens game the refs waited to whistle a play dead after an incomplete pass.  They weren’t sure if it  was a fumble or not.  Since turnovers are automatically reviewed this year, the refs would get an extra chance to get it right.  Eventually someone’s going to lose their season because they were” earholled “ waiting for a play to be called dead. 
You can argue, if you’re a Raven’s fan, that the refs disallowed a fourth quarter game icing touchdown last week.  If you’re an Eagles fan you can argue that the receivers were being mugged throughout the game.  Clearly the refs weren’t calling defensive pass interference, but offensive interference is a no-no.  The league has battled credibility problems for years.  These refs don’t help the NFL’s cause.  But we’ll make our dogwoods, line up our snacks and hold oour noses while these new guys stink up our Sundays.
Let’s look at some of this week’s games.  Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or it’s  subsidiaries. 
BUCCANEERS (+9) over Cowboys.  Don’t be shocked if the Bucs outright win this one.  The Cowboys stormed out to an opening day win over the Giants by racking up 147 yards on the ground.  Last week against the Seahawks the Pokes laid an egg, partly because they only rushed for 47 yards.  Those pesky Bucs on the other hand have allowed only 104 yards on the ground all year.  The Pokes have covered only twice in their last 10 NFC tilts and twice in their last 11 games overall.  Besides, Wednesday was national talk like a pirate day.  Arrrrrrrgh, me Buccaneers!
49ers (-7) over VIKINGS.  Those 49ers are a complete team in a league of incomplete teams.  You can get away with a one dimensional offense with a killer defense.  A good defense isn’t enough.  49ers here
Chiefs (+9) over SAINTS.  The saints can’t be THAT bad, can they?  Maybe not, but 9 points is a lot to lay on a team that has yet to establish themselves as good.  The Chiefs have covered 11 of their last 16, while the Saints have covered only 5 times in their last 17.  Trends say KC
Eagles (-3) over CARDINALS.  The Eagles are 2-0 on a combined margin of victory of 2 points.  Nit a strong endorsement.  The Cardinals have been doing it with Defense.  The Eagles line is a mess and they turn the ball over too many times.  However Kevin Kolb is staring for the Cards and that’s a break for Andy Reid, who knows where the holes in Kolb’s game is.  Eagles here.
Packers (-3) over SEAHAWKS.  Really?   The Packers are good.,  The Seahawks are, well, getting better.  Run with the PACK
That’s how I see it.  Good luck
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NFL Week 2

NFL Week 2
At one point last Sunday I had a legitimate shot at 4-1 on the week.  Alas as the Steelers faded on Sunday night we wrapped up the week at 3-2.  Not bad for opening week.  We’re still in the black.  We also found out the replacement refs have a much tighter interpretation of holding, while almost anything goes in regards to contact with receivers.  I was stunned on Sunday night to hear the NFL contracted to replacements for week 2.  They flat out blew an illegal block in the back call the changed the Pittsburgh/Denver game.  I was not impressed.  Week 2 doesn’t seem to offer hope of anything less volatile. 
Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or it’s  subsidiaries.  Let’s look at some games!
Ravems (-1) over EAGLES.  As a general rule I pick games that have to do with our area.  There is a strong contingency of Eagles, Giants, Jets and Steeler fans.  There’s not a whole lot to like in this game.  We found out King Dunlap isn’t that good, and the Eagle offensive line tumbles like dominos if there’s a weak link.  Michael Vick isn’t good when he tries to be a conservative pocket passer, and Demico Ryans can flat out play.  Read the Philadelphia press and you’d think they lost by 40 points.  The good news if you’re an Eagle fan is last week was the kind of game they lost over the past 7 years.  That counts for something.   The Ravens have not been very good on the road since their Superbowl year, and this is not the shut down dominant defense of ravens lore.  The good news for Ravens fans is the Eagles have lost their home opener the past three years, and those teams went on to win the Superbowl (Saints, Packers and Giants).  Ray Lewis is still Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed is still Ed Reed.  They’ve decided Joe Flacco is the real deal and can carry the team.  I’m looking at a low scoring game, edged by the Ravens
Raiders (-1) over DOLPHINS.  Raider long snapper Jon Condo left last week’s game with a concussion and all hell broke loose. The Raiders should have won. They also cover ont eh road (7 of their  last 9They’ve has time to find a new one.  Raiders on South Beach
GIANTS (-7) over Buccaneers.  I’m still trying to figure out if the Bucs played over their heads two years ago, or under achieved last year.  I think both.  The Giants are tough at home. It’s where they usually discover their identity. I’m not sold on Victor Cruz and I still don’t know how they won the Superbowl last year.  But I do know the Giants are a better than .500 team and the Bucs are not.  G-men in this one.
Vikings (-1) over COLTS.  The Vikings went from a 2.5 point dog to a 1 point favorite.  Adrian Peterson can still play, and the Colts don’t cover at home.  Now that Payton is in Denver that won’t change anytime soon.  I think Andrew Luck is the real deal, just not this week.  Vikings
Jets (+5) over Steelers.  The Steelers should have won a game that got out of control last week, partly because of the refs.  They missed a call on a pivotal punt return, and took their time spotting the ball near the goal line that allowed Payton Manning to change the play.  It sort of gave the Broncos 5 extra seconds and they maxed out on the opportunity.  I saw three unlikely Steeler things last week:  Their missing the “put the game away” running back, Big Ben Roethlisberger looks like all of those hits are starting to add up, and James Harrison the undervalued star of the defense.  The Jets are a cover machine (20 of their last 28 on grass).  Jets this week
Cowboys (-3) over Seahawks.  Tony Romo doesn’t screw up the games they’re supposed to win before week 8.  Pokes in a romp
PANTEHRS (+1) over Saints.  When the NFL handed out suspensions to the Saints coaches over the bounty scandal they knew it was their version of the NCAA’s “ death penalty.”  Not to take anything away from RGIII, but no rookie should have looked that good against that defense in his first NFL game.  It was a bad game plan that was made up for by a lack of leadership.  It’s a lost year in the big easy.  Meanwhile the Panthers have lost the last 4 against the Saints.  This is a statement game for them
That’s how I see it,
Enjoy the games
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NFL 2012 Week 1
Greetings!  We left off last season in the middle of the season.  Last November we changed blogging software which to many readers was a blessing.  Your prognosticator got off to a horrible start that produced a hole too big to overcome.  Call it the internet version of “the mercy rule.” 
Week 1 is always an anything goes sort of day, mostly because the line is set off the preseason. Preseason is usually spent giving rookies work under the guise of real games so season ticket holders are forced to buy more than they want.  Coaches don’t game plan, preferring not to tip their hand for the upcoming season.  Games are decided by vanilla base plays executed by recent college grads whom are going to get cut.  Often coaches will be content wth a preseason loss than extend the game into overtime.  It’s not reality.
Remember the point spread isn’t a prediction of the game; it’s a prediction of how people bet.  A quick refresher:  the book maker wants the same amount of money wagered on each team.  One wagers $6 to win $5.  The extra dollar is called “the vig” or vinegar.  At the end of the game the book maker returns the $6 to the winner, plus $5, the winning share.  Left over is one dollar from the loser which the book maker keeps.  If $12,000 were wagered on each side the house would keep $2000 no matter who wins.  The spread, or line, moves to encourage the same amount wagered on each team.  For example:  the Eagles opened as 6 point favorites against the Browns.  Too much money was wagered on Philadelphia, and the line moved 5 points to make the Eagles an 11 point favorite. 
What will make this week interesting is there are many large point swings.  If someone bought the Eagles as 6 point favorites, then bought the browns at the end of the week as 11 point underdogs, and the Eagles only win by 10 points, That person won both sides of the bet, and the house loses money. 
This week will also include replacement refs.  The real refs are on strike.  Most of these replacements are pretty good college refs.  Of course the pro game is much faster, and this preseason we’ve seen nothing short of confusion from the replacements.  Here’s your first prediction: the real refs will be back next week. 
Rule changes for this year include an automatic replay for turnovers, knee and thigh pads are mandatory,  the playoff over time procedure is now good for the regular season, and a crack back block two yards outside the tackle box is illegal.  Expect the real refs to have trouble with the last one.  Expect the new refs to bullocks it good.
Remember this is a discussion meant for entertainment only.  Any losses incurred from relying on the following advice is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Northeast, Entercom Communications, it’s properties or it’s  subsidiaries.  Let’s look at some games!
Eagles (-11) over BROWNS.  The Eagles blew an NFL record 5 fourth quarter leads last year.  The Eagles feel they’ve addressed their defensive short comings, including backs coach Todd Bowles who was brought in to sure up a questionable coaching staff. The Browns are offering a rookie QB and a rookie Tailback against a team that tallied 50 sacks and looks like it got even better.  Add to it the fact that the Brownies have covered only one opening day in the past 13 years.  It looks like an Eagle kind of day.  EAGLES
Bears (-10) over COLTS.  The Colts found something out last year; Payton was the team.  Now Payton’s in Denver and the Colts ripped up the old team.  They let Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday  and Pierre Garson walk.  At Quarterback is Andrew Luck, who may be pretty good eventually.  Remember Payton Manning had a 3 – 13 rookie year on a team with Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison.  In other words, if you’re in a survivor pool picking against the Colts every week is a good strategy.  I sense impending doom.  BEARS in a blow out.
Patriots (-5) over TITANS.  There’s a new coach in Tennessee.  Rookie Jeff Locker is the new QB.  Here’s the Titan’s problem:  The Patriots are always good.  You have to be very good to beat them.  Most teams are good enough.  The Titans are like most teams.  Patriots big!
Steelers ( - 1 ½) over BRONCOS.  See above.  Even with Payton Manning the Broncos are like everyone else.  Steelers.
RAVENS (-6 ½) over the Bengals.  The Ravens are like the Steelers and the Patriots.  Crabcakes all around! 
That’s how I see it.  Enjoy the games!
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NFL WEEK 7 Perhaps it’s my lot to go 4-4, as that seems to be the weekly result these days.  Another 4-4 week raises the total to 17-22 on the year.  Things should tighten up a bit from this week on as far as on field play goes.  Bye weeks and in season practice will hopefully  make the worst tackling in reason memory get better.  Let’s take a look at this week’s slate.  As always any losses incurred by relying on said information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries. JETS (-1) over Chargers.  Two teams that are evenly matched an in a position to turn the corner into legit contenders.  The line I think is a fair line.  Earlier in the season it was brought up to the players that they only had one 1pm east coast start this season.  The players all said it was such a huge disadvantage to be a west coast team and play that early.  Apparently in camp players only need 3-4 hours sleep so they can play video games all night, but during the season they need beddy-bye time.  Such is life I suppose.  Still any disadvantage on a close line is a huge hoop to jump through.  Factor in that the Jets have won 6 of the last 7 tilts against the “bolts” by at least a field goal, well that adds up to a trend.  As Fireman Ed goes, so do I: J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! LIONS (-4 ½) over Falcons.  The this week is in Detroit.  Those Lions need red meat.  Just when you think there’s a turnaround in the motor city, the Lions become a cover machine.  LIONS STEELERS (-4) over Cardinals.  Andy Reid is the greatest coach ever!  He gets hack QBs to play and trades them for big picks, only to have them exposed as frauds on their new teams (Kevin Kolb, A.J. Feeley).  STEELERS RAIDERS (-3 ½) over Chiefs.   Those Raiders have covered 8 in a row against divisional foes.  No reason  to stop now.  Just cover baby!  Raiders. PACKERS (-10) over Vikings.  Donnie Mac’s numbers this year weren’t that bad.  At least not so bad he should take a benching playing with these hacks.  After Adrian Peterson who else on offense can play?  Chris Ponder is not the magic bullet.  Meanwhile Aaron Rdgers is quietly putting together one of the all time great seasons any QB has ever had.  Packers RAMS (-10) over Cowboys.  The Rams have won 6 of the last 10 against the pokes.  Spread wise the Pokes have only beaten 2 of their last 10 by more than a touchdown.  I had the Rams going 6-10 on the season, which makes them a perfect pain-in-the-Cowboys-neck team to be.  RAMS SAINTS (-14) over Colts.  I have never seen one team so dependent on one player as the Colts are with Payton Manning.  The Colts may go 0-16 this year.  The Saints on the other hand are really pretty good.  Saints here RAVENS (-9) over Jaguars.  If not for the Colts, the Jags would be the worst team in the NFL.  And it’s almost Halloween.  Cover the Ravens ever more.  RAVENS That's how i see it.  Enjoy the games! The Prognosticator
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NFL WEEK 6 Another push last week going 4-4 brings us to 13-18.  Not close and still so far, but a good week puts us back in the hunt.  Thos Lions look for real.  So do the Packers.  Philadelphia forgot how to tackle.  The Giants went to the locker room 2 minutes early and the Chiefs somehow look llike they might not be that bad.  Let’s look at this week.  .  As always any losses incurred by relying on said information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries. LIONS (-4) Over 49ers.  Those Lions are the best story of the year so far.  Let’s not let it end so soon.  Don’t worry because the big cats are 10-1 ATS against teams with winning records.  Look for that motor city mojo to keep on working.  Lions COLTS (+8) over Bengals.  Why are the Bengals favorites?  The may be 8-1 ATS but this spread is way too big.  Curtis Painter won’t make anyone forget Payton manning, But Andy Daulton doesn’t even make me forget Brian Sipe.  Buy the ‘shoes. EAGLES (pick) over Redskins.  The Eagles really can’t be that bad can they?  The season isn’t really over is it?  Just a hunch….Birds BILLS (+3 ½) over Giants.  Lucky for the Bills the birds left their tackling dummy behind when camp started.  Now they take the momentum to the Giants.  Those Bills are doing ti the old fashioned way; the y always hustle and never take a play off.  It’s refreshing.  Bills STEELERS (-14) over Jaguars.  Good thing those Jags got rid of David Garrard.  He could sleep in the huddle and be better that what they’ve got now.  It’s a lost season in Northern Florida.  Steelers. PATRIOTS (-7) over Cowboys.  C’mon.  Big Game.  Tony Romo.  Look at it this way Cowboy fans, Chan Gailey’s got ‘em flying around the ball in Buffalo.  Pats BEARS (-2.5) over Vikings.  Donny Mac is looking old and cold, and he plays in a dome.  Bears. JETS (-8) over Dolphins.  Remember those great games from the 80’s?  Thise light up the scoreboard air attack games that seemed like they played without cornerbacks and safeties?  This won’t be one of those games.  J-E-T-S-JETS-JETS-JETS That’s how I see it.  Enjoy the games The prognosticator
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NFL Week 5 Another vanilla 3-3 week brings our total to 9-14.  Time to start racking up some “W’s.”  The tricky part for the next  4 weeks is a reduced schedule from teams having byes.  Crazy that 6 of the 8 weeks have teams off, but not in a row.  What a wacky league.  Lets take a look at what’s up for this week.  As always any losses incurred by relying on said information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries EAGLES (-1.5) over Bills.  Why are the Eagles favored and not the Bills?  Vegas thinks the Eagles are still the Eagles and the Bills are still the Bills.  I agree.  Look for Philadelphia to gigure things out this week in a big way.  Eagles BUCCANEERS (+1) over 49ers.  San Francisco wins one of the ugliest games seen in public by fans not wearing bags and they’re a favorite?  Alex Smith almost got benched in the second half before stumbling  on to 3 touchdowns.  I like the Bucs big, over the past three years they’ve been cover monsters on the road.  As they announcer used to crow in the old big sombrero,  “TAAAAAAM-PAAAAH!” CHARGERS(-3 ½) over Broncos.  The favorite has covered in 6 of the last 9 in the series and that favorite is usually Sand Diego.  The thing about Denver is no one is afraid of them anymore.  San Diego Super chargers… GIANTS (-11) over Seahawks.  Normally I would stay away from this game.  I try to pick Eagles, Giants, Steelers and Jets, plus Sunday and Monday nights, as those are the teams and games people tend to follow.  This spread is really fat.  On the other hand, the Seahawks have real problems.  Tavris Jackson is, well, he’s not that good,   That 1pm new York start time is not to favoring for those bay birds either.  Giants in a romp. STEELERSs (-3) over Titans.  You know, I would roll with the powder blue here, but Kenny Britt on injured-reserve sways me to Pittsburgh.  Be careful, these Steelers are suffering the post superbowl runner up hangover.  Steelers. FALCONS (+6) over Packers.  All you need know about the Falcons is Matt Ryan is 22-2 at home.  Those dirty birds are relentless.  Falcons JETS (+10) over Patriots.  Psst, there’s a blood fued between these teams, and the Patriots aren’t as good as people like to believe..  jets cover LIONS (-5) over Bears.  Once they dumped Matt Millon the Lions stock piled great players with those last place drafts.  Pick first a few years in a row and you’ll have a stud team, too.  Lions That’s how I see it, enjoy your games The Prognosticator.
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NFL Week 4

NFL WEEK 4 3-3 last week brining the season total to an underwhelming 6-11.  It’s still going to take until week 7 or 8 to figure this year out.  No mini camps, passing camps, OTAs, the talent is evaluated on the fly.  Look at Philadelphia.  When was the last time you heard of 4 starters being benched between the last preseason game and week 4?  I was impressed with Tony Romo.  I never saw anyone play in an NFL game with a pneumothorax before.  Most people with punctured lungs lay around and complain.  Not Romo. True to form he almost gave the game up late, but Rex Grossman stole that opportunity.  Michael Vick should be careful what he asks for.  If the refs call him tight it’s going to be football in the 80’s again.  Remember the “grasp and control” era that saw how many plays blown dead to protect the QB?  It lead to some pretty lousy football. Okay, let’s look at this week’s slate of games.  .   Remember any losses encured by relying on said information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries LIONS (+1.5) Over Cowboys.  Right now the lions may be the best team in football.  I’m not drunk.  Really.  Those Lions are tough.  They’ve won their last 6 in a row going back to last season, and 10 straight if you include the preseason.  Best of all they are cover monsters beating the spread 9 of their last 10 against teams with winnign records and 12 of the last 15 overall.  This is a gift.  Take it.  LIONS BILLS (-3) over Bengals.  My guess is the book makers thin there will be an emotional let down after the Bills came back and snuffed out the Patriots for the first time in 8 years.  Every year has a “cardiac kids” team.  The Bills may be that team.  Don’t bet against them. Those Bengals (Bungals?) are an anemic 1-14 ATS in week four.  The Bills on the other hand are 9 -4 -1 ATS over all.  Enough for you?  BILLS VIKINGS (pick) over Chiefs.  The Chiefs have a bye week 6.  That may be the date of Head Coach Todd Hailey’s firing.  Donovan McNabb may not have much magic left, but he won’t lose the game with bad decisions.  VIKINGS Eagles (-10) over 49ers.  If Mr. Candybones (Michael Vick) can’t make it to the end of the game, Mr. Taffyjoints (Vince Young) is finally ready to step in.  The 49ers are at a point in their rebuilding where they have to play mistake free offense to score 20 points and hope the defense holds.  Eagles win Big TEXANS (-3) over Steelers.  The Steelers had problems with a really, really bad Colts team. You can best believe those Texans were jumped all week by coaches after letting the Saints get away.  Those Texans are 8-1 ATS in week 4.  TEXANS here. RAVENS (-3 ½) over Jets.  The hook has gotten us a few time in this young season, but with Nick Mangold out against a superior Ravens defense how can I refuse?  The Black birds are 11-4 ATS in week 4.  Ravens. That’s how I see it.  Enjoy the games. The Prognosticator
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NFL Week 3

NFL Week 3 2-4 last week which brings the season total to 3-8.  Very pedestrian.  Of course who would have thought that after catching 13 balls Jeremy Machlin would let one hit between the 1 and the 8 and fall helplessly to the ground.  Who would have thought a busted rib would produce Tony Romo’s best comeback?  Actually when I think about it Donovan McNabb’s best game happened on a broken leg in Arizona. Kansas City’s getting 16 ½ already over San Diego.  That’s a sucker bet.  But there are a few games we can pick that seem worthy of our attention.  So let’s go.   Remember any losses encured by relying on said information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries. Let’s go take a peek at the week’s action: RAVENS (-3 ½) over Rams.   The hook burns us all in die time, but not this week.   The Ravens are solid, the rams are not.  The Giants made short work of those Rams who looked like they still hadn’t healed from an Eagle beat down.  Besides the ravens are cover monsters against teams with losing records.  Ravens are the play EAGLES (-9) over Giants,  Looks like Michael vick will play whether he knows his name or not.  In the Giants infirmary Mario Manningham, Osi Uminyiora,  Dominick Hixon, Terrell Thomas and Prince Amukamara are all out.  Remember if Desean Jackson doesn’t run that punt back last year the Giants make the playoffs and the Packers are out.  Eli Manning’s not playing well and Brandon Jacobs hasn’t been the same since Tiki Barber retired.  Add to it the Birds are cover monsters when favorites at home in odd number years..  Fly Eagles Fly. BILLS (+9) over Pats.  How about a big cup of Fitz-magic?  I’m ready to drink!.  The line dropped two points since the open, what more do you need?   Bills CARDINALS (-3) over Seahwaks,  Tavaris Jackson is awful.  But the Seahawk defense makes up for it by not tackling or covering.  Watching them against the Steelers last week it’s obvious the Seattle boys couldn’t stop a sink.  Kold to Fitzgerald to victory.  Cardinals here LIONS (-4) over Vikings.  Those Lions found a way to restore the roar.  It’s enough to get psyched for Thanksgiving!.  The Vikings on the other hand are simply a team in decline.  Lions 49ERS (-2 ½) over Bengals.  It used to be a team feared playing those Bengals in “the Jungle.”  It seems when they blew up Riverfront Stadium they blew up the talent, too.  The line has move 2 and a half points since the open.  The open was a pick no doubt because the niners are on the road to what seems to them a 10am start.  They’s be awake enough.  Niners That’s how I see it.  Good luck and enjoy the games. The Prognosticator
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