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Once upon a time I went on air and talked on and on about how great it would be to shoot my own deer. I even posted a picture of a rifle one time after the deer had been particularly hard on the broccoli in my garden. So I got a gun, a 30-06, and bought some ammunition. I had a guy friend of mine offer to teach me how to shoot, and some gun and hunter safety. We took off for the REAL country, for his friend's house halfway into Susquehanna county outside of Meshoppen. The guy has 90 acres and has a bench and target set up just for shooting. The guy's daughter, and her 2 foster sons, came with us too. My friend even paid for breakfast at Purkey's Pink Apple (the buffet was pretty awesome, actually). So we get to the site, and my friend took the first shot with my rifle. That was it for me. It was SOOOO loud! Like a nuclear explosion. I could see it had a hell of a kick, too. I had on swimmer's ear plugs AND those headphones you buy to cancel out noise. Wasn't enough. I simply COULD NOT shoot that gun. They all thought it was pretty funny (at least he wasn't mad!).  I walked up to the house and sat and watched THEM shoot for hours. In saying this I am telling y'all that never again will you hear me talking about shooting a deer. Unless I win the lottery or find a $500 dollar bill on the street, and go out and buy a crossbow. 'Cause that's the ONLY way it'll ever happen. Oh, and if YOU get a deer, I'd sure accept some venison!

10/14/2010 1:26PM
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