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sunI know I talk a lot about this on the air, but I want to point out that in this post-holiday bleak depressive atmosphere, each day has about 2 minutes more daylight. That's kind of the reason we celebrate Christmas when we do, because it's only a few days after the Winter Solstice, at which time the sun appears for the least amount of time in the sky. Then, every day after that, two more minutes (or so). So that in a months' time it'll get dark at, like, 5:30 rather than 4:30. I know it's not much, but it is something to hold on to. Then, each week, there's more light. Notice I didn't say sunlight, because here in Northeast Pennsylvania we don't have that kind of thing from November to March. Late March. One year I decided to go to Florida in late March...for a working vacation, for about five days. The best thing wasn't the warm temperatures, or the fact that I was able to swim in the ocean (although that was pretty cool), it was the fact that it was sunny all the time. Really...getting off the plane, and standing in the sun, waiting for the car rental guy, I pulled up my sleeves to catch more sun on my skin. Bet they all knew I was a snowbird. Well tough. I was once married to a first generation Amercain-Norwegian, and all his father's siblings and relatives were still in Norway. These people have no sense of humor from November to March. Everything is gloomy, and if you make a joke they turn that gloom on you. In the summer, on the other hand, they get kind of crazy and violent. Too much sun, they say. Does this mean I'm promoting sun worship? Damn right! When it is sunny, go stand in the window and soak up as much as you can. They say it'll improve your mood. You don't even have to go outside, although that helps too.

12/26/2009 12:13PM
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12/28/2009 5:38AM
Gregory Sams
Hi Cathy, "Sun worship" is not nearly as crazy as some people think, and it certainly wasn't science that branded it as such. If you really want to find out why the Sun's rays make you feel so good then check out my book titled "Sun of gOd," published byWeiser Books. Both a good read and a life-changing experience. Gregory Sams, author
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