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laundry2Yes I hang my wash out all year 'round.  It gives the clothes a smell and feel no chemical could ever impart.  And what cracks me up, is, when I started doing this 25 years ago, I was frowned upon by my neighbors.  We weren't that kind of neighborhood (although in fact we were).  When we did move to Yuppiville, NJ, it was even worse.  The neighbors couldn't stand us, and not just for the wash, which was actually mostly hidden behind the detached garage.  NOW it's all about green, and they try to convince us on TV not to put our clothes in the dryer.  Hah!  25 years head of you.  Think of all the precious electricity I've saved. And here's the biggest myth about hanging the wash in the winter....yes, the clothes do freeze when you first put them up (or, in reality, the water in them freezes, making them like a board).  But then, wonder of wonders, the water does evaporate.  Or actually sublimates, since that is the process of a substance going directly from a solid state to a gaseous state.  But our fabulous sun can do that!  And voila, the clothes dry.  It takes a little longer (like three or four times as long as in summer), and if it rains or snows, they have to stay up there.  But they do eventually dry.

01/10/2010 5:08PM
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01/27/2010 6:08AM
Growing up on a farm and never leaving the area (my choice), clothes on the line was common-place for us. My parents lived in Wayne Co. Their entire life and have never owned or never will a clothes dryer. Peace Hippie Chick.. BTW Great Song. Very Cool
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