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Garden picture time

Tomato on the right, with the stake.  Blue lake beans that were eaten by groundhogs, in the middle.  To the upper left, a castor bean plant, supposed to repel moles and....yes...groundhogs.  Does it work, who knows.  All the way in the back, tomatoes, squash, and lima beans. Different kind of beans, called Contender.  Open pollinated, which means I will save the seeds for next year.  Yea, you're supposed to save the EARLIEST and BIGGEST but I can't help it, when the tiny new ones first appear I just munch away.  Hell, that's what I GREW 'em for!!  These did way better than the Blue Lake, the groundhogs apparently either couldn't find them or didn't like them as much.  I've already caught 4 groundhogs by the way, with my Havaheart trap, and released them all into the wild The new secondary garden, for extra corn (Stowell's Evergreen and of course Silver Queen) and pumpkins, which you can't see, and canteloupes.  Have never had much luck with the winter squashes.  I think our season is just a leeeetle too short.  However, this is the first year I've seen squash bugs.  Even if the season is long enough, the squash bugs will probably get 'em, even though every morning I go out and pop all the eggs, and try & find the parents. Little b-words!! Ooops.  This isn't my garden, it's Gogol Bordello last month at Appel Farm in Elmer, NJ.  I really enjoyed 'em but the REAL fans said it was a rather subdued show.  I'll tellya, that Eugene Hutz is ka-ray-zee!!!  And awesome.

07/23/2011 5:39PM
Garden picture time
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