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And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is… Sorry Pittsburgh, I’m still on your bandwagon.  Maybe that’s a good thing?  Looking at my record this season (I’m embarrassed to even post it) I find a prime example of futility and failure.  You could have made a living, a good living, but going against me.  “That prognosticator says this, so bet that!” should have been a winning model.  One constant this year was the Steelers.  I usually picked Eagles Steelers and Giant games because they seem to be the teams of dominant interest in NEPA (although there are strong pockets of Dallas, Green Bay and strangely Viking fans in the area).  The Steelers brought home the bacon for me every week. I break down the game this way:  More experienced quarterback, proven running game and  and experienced defense.  Say what you want about Big Ben, but he consistently stands and takes more hits than any other QB I can recall, except Randall Cunningham, and maybe Vinnie Testaverde.  His style of hold the ball until the play unfolds most likely has shaved a few years off the back end of his career.  Yet he’s  accurate and seldom makes bad decisions.  When he does it still ends up well for him. See his prayer to Santonio Holmes against the cardinals to win Superbowl XVIII.  NFL channel has been showing a special including footage of ben tossing the ball, knowing immediately it was a bad idea, then raising his arms to signal touchdown.  His expression says it all: relief. I think the difference between these teams will be special teams.  Both teams are not known for stron special teams play.  You’ll recall last year’s game turned when Hank Baskett ham handed an onsides kick.  Scott Norwood’s infamous “push” to end Superbowl XXV another special teams “oops.”    That comes dwn to coaching and preparedness, and I give that nod to Mike Tomlin.  When it’s all said and done, Tomlin may even edge out Chuck “most under rated coach in NFL history” Knoll as the best of al Steeler coaches. Some prop bets I found entertaining Include: How long will Christina Augilara hold the note on “brave” in the National Anthem?  Over/under is six seconds. What will Fergie be wearing when halftime show starts? Skirt/dress, Pants, shorts, thong/G-String Will a punt hit the scoreboard? (personally I hope 5 punts hit the scoreboard every time they play in that stadium. What coor will the gatoraide be that drenches the head coach after the game? If there’s a picture of someone holding the lonvardi trophy on the cover of USA Today Mondya morning who will it be? How many time will Jerry Jones be shown? How many times will Brett Favre be mentioned? How many times will the phrase “lockout” be mentioned. More Points, Lebron James total or Steelers in first half? What happens to the Dow Jones on Monday? By the way, if you actually make a wager on any of these there are help lines for you. Steelers are three point dogs in this game.  No sweat.  Put your fries in your sandwich and pick the Steelers. Enjoy the game The prognosticator

02/05/2011 10:34AM
And The Winner Is...
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