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And The Hits Keep On Coming, Or NFL WEEK 7

And the hits just keep on coming, or NFL Week 7 Finally the week we’ve been waiting for.  4-0-1. That brings our season record to a solid 14-14-2 against the spread.  Not bad.  Still not quite the break even mark, but we’re inching towards the black. It seems this week the NFL has taken a knee jerk reaction to some of the violent hits that have occurred.  I think the league has a duty to protect the players, but at the same time there is an inherent risk to the game that cannot be regulated away.  It is why they players are millionaires.  That may seem cold at first read, but put it into social perspective.  All over NEPA there are hundreds of men and women working on road and bridge repair.  They wear protective clothing and safety gear (PPE or personal protective equipment for those not up on industrial jargon).  Yet they run the risk of harm, permanent disability, and even death, yet our highway workers make in three years what a well paid NFL player makes in a game.  The problem with the league fixing the rules are the unintended consequences that can result.  One solution discussed is widening the field.  The Canadian league players on a 110 yard by 5 yard field.  The Desean Jacksons of the league will score 40 touchdowns a year once they break to the outside.  Once a running back turns the corner, its big gain city.  It will change the NFL as we know it, and that’s not a good idea. A professor at Penn State has mentioned the league should have a weight limit of 275 lbs.  That isn’t practical.  So the league has decided it will suspend players for helmet to helmet hits, or aggressive head shots.  That’s well and good if they get the call right.  The shot Shawn Merrimen took last week was a cheap shot.  James Harrison had one hit he was fined for, and one ruled just a good hard hit.  The Jackson/Robinson hit in last weeks Eagles/Falcons game has dropped a 50K fine on Robinson.  I am not sure what either player could have done to avoid the collision.  We’re talking about two 200 lb. men running at world class speed (about 20 mph) and according to ESPN generating a hit at about 160 “Gs.”  About an eight of that energy is enough to snap a healthy man’s spine.  The thing is, players have to play all out or they get hurt.  I maintain and whole heartedly believe that if either player held up or flinched, that player would have a more serious if not permanent injury.  Sometimes accidents happen, but if the players are worried about losing money from a suspension they can’t play at their best.  It’s also the middle of the season which is the wrong time to develop changes in techniques. This is a recipe for disaster.  I can only hope the league understands it’s over reacting and calms down the approach slightly. Alright, lets take a look at this weeks schedule.  Remember any losses incurred by relying on the following information is not the responsibility of me, The Mountain, Entercom Communications, Entercom Northeast, its properties or its subsidiaries.  Eagles (+3) over Titans.  Last week the experts were touting the Falcons as an elite NFC team.  The Eagles made short work of them, so that means Either the Eagles are good, or the Falcons are frauds.  The heads seem to be leaning towards the Falcons not being the real deal.  In Philadelphia the quarterback controversy is brewing big time.  The scribes have to love this.  They spent years creating one the didn’t exist with Donovan McNabb until they ran him out of town.  Now they have a real controversy and they aren’t sure what to write about.  Well let’s look at some concrete facts.  The Eagles are 6-2 ATS their last 8 in October while the Titans are 2-10 ATS when playing teams with winning records.  So why are the Titans favored when Vince Young is in doubt?  Fly Eagles Fly. Steelers (-3) over Dolphins.  The Steelers may again prove themselves to be the best team in the league.  The dolphins may prove themselves to be just good enough not to make the playoffs.  You want some crazy numbers?  The Steelers are 6-2 ATS their last 8 played in week 7.  The Dolphins are 15-41-1 ATS their last 57 home games.  That’s about the last 7 years.  Hold onto the 70s if you want Dolphin fans...oh, right, the Steelers were the real dynasty that decade, too.  Put the fires in the grouper sandwich and go Steelers. Patriots (+3 ½)over Chargers.  The Bolts are supposed to be the class of the conference, but apparently haven’t  gotten the memo.  The Patriots may not have Superbowl Power after trading Randy Moss, but they find a way to win.  The Chargers on the other hand have to figure out life after letting Ladanian Tomlinson go.  The Bolts are 2-6 ATs their last 8 in October.  Anyone see anything to think it won’t be 2-9?  I like the Patriots. Giants (+3) Over Cowboys.  Here’s a laugher, the Giants are riding high, Tony Romo makes the same mistakes in big games he’s made since entering the league and the Giants are 19-7 ATS their last 26 road games.   Ha ha ha…take the Giants Browns (+15) Over Saints.  Lets make one thing clear, I have no illusions the Browns will win this game.  They just won’t loose by more than 2 touchdowns.  This number is way too big to lay.  The Browns have covers 9 of their last 12 in October and 9 of their last 14 overall.  Meanwhile the Saints couldn’t cover a pebble with a bed sheet going 2-7 ATS  on turf.  Besides, every plays the champs tough.  Go Browns! That’s how I see it.  Enjoy the games! The Prognosticator

10/21/2010 11:55AM
And The Hits Keep On Coming, Or NFL WEEK 7
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