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This project is Dress for Success.  It’s a nonprofit that actually keeps new and gently used suits and other professional wear for women on site, and gives them to disadvantaged women when they’re going on a job interview.  Clever idea, since it’s something underprivileged women just couldn’t get on their own.
I had actually visited the one in Scranton first, she was quite nice, answered all my questions.  Then I visited the one in Wilkes Barre and she was all rah-rah to get going, get filming, so I made an appointment for the following week.  She said she would have somebody, an actual client, we could film coming in and being transformed into a professional looking woman.  Meantime she let me interview her ad nauseum about her non profit.  She was the one that told me in order to make us old, fat broads look good, you have to place the camera above the subject and tilt down.  Oh if I had only known before I recorded mySELF for those school projects!  Here’s a hint…don’t go back to school when you’re old enough to be all the other students’ GRAND-mama.
Arrived at the store, which is on South Street.  The woman that was going to be my guinea pig, I mean model, Shelly, was already there, and had signed the release form.  That’s a whole ‘nother blog, everybody’s paranoid about appearing on camera (well you can’t really blame ‘em) and so if you want to film ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE that isn’t a public place, you have to get them to sign a release form.
Shelly is cute as a button, a very dear girl and unfortunately the PSA is only 30 seconds so you can’t really see the actual changeover.  She really looks professional at the end.  They give you a suit or a top, pants and a blazer, AND a purse, AND hosiery, AND shoes, AND jewelry….whatever you need to appear professional.  She tried on several outfits and Linda, the director of DFS, was right there with advice and encouragement.  Wish I could have filmed the whole process.  At this point I’m still dealing with shaky-camera syndrome (and later got yelled at for not bringing a tripod) as you’ll see in the PSA.  I was particularly proud of this one, however, because of the Shelly-entering-the-store at the beginning and Shelly-emerging-a-transformed-woman at the end.  Like bookends, kind of tells a story.
Large learning curve on the graphics, there’s a whole program called Motion you can use, but I found it easier and less steps just to edit using the motion control in Final cut.  Then when you edit in the logo it’s GIANT and takes up the whole screen, you have to go into “controls” and shrink it down, then it won’t stay where you want to put it.  That’s why it’s in the middle of the screen!

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07/06/2012 10:01AM
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